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(Video) Beware Of The “WEENIONS”!!

What happens at 0:18 seconds is absolutely ADORABLE! You gotta see it!

Watch these  cute “wieners” dressed up as a – you guessed it – MINION. It’s absolutely adorable and it will brighten your day. Definitely what you need to get the day going right!

Watch the video below now!



Hey, Wieners! Forget whatever idea you have of yourself as a serious adult. #WeenTeam is back at it. This time with Dachshunds dressed like Minions. Miiiiiinn-yuunnnnsss. (If you have no clue what a Minion is, check out the movie trailer here.)

Do not watch this video if you are:
a) trying to be serious at work.
b) operating heavy machinery.
c) running from the police during a manhunt
d) trying to be serious at work.


Check out BarkPost for the full story.