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These 20 Dachshunds Will Make Your Heart Ooze Out Of Your Chest!

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Numbers 8 and 9 are my favorite!

We searched high and low through the internet to find these cute pups. Check out the gems that we found below! And don’t for get to submit your pictures here for our annual contest!

Check them all out below now!



20 Dachshunds That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Dachshunds are by far the cutest animals in existence, and the following list proves it.

1. Holly and Hans    @hollyandhans

2. Duncan the dachshund    @duncysausage

3. Lottie    @lottiethesausage

4. Obbie    @oblong_the_dax

5. Wrangler    @wranger.the.dachshund

6. Aggie    @aggie_the_dachie

7. Rudy    @rudy_the_weenie

8. Goliath    @goliath_the_sausagedog

9. Scrappy Doo The Dachshund    @scrappythedoxie

10. Coco & Sage    @cocoandsage

11. Huge The Mini Dachshund    @hugothesausage

12. Suzi    @suzi_the_sausage

13. Bellatrix Faith    @bella_the_flying_doxie

14. Frankie the Dachshund    @dappledach

15. Cooper Jones    @mini_cooper_dashi

16. Frank    @i_am_frank_

17. Lady    @dragonandmrsparkles

18. Otto    @otto_thesausage

19.  Pancake    @pancake.the.sausagedog

20. Penny    @pennytheminisausage



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