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The Dachshund Toolbox, Dog Naturally Wants to Be of Help

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Dachshunds are good pets but being able to help their owners at work is definitely incredible.

This dachshund from Russia helps out his owner by being a “toolbox” and makes work a lot less difficult for him. 

Some people online have mixed reactions about this due to the effects on the dog but one thing’s for sure, dachshunds are one of the most awesome breeds in the world!

“Several days ago, pictures of a little Dachshund-shaped toolbox working hard at a car repair shop hit the Internet. Needless to say, dog and car aficionados alike went wild because LOOK AT HIM:

(Source: Facebook)

All jokes about being man’s best friend aside, where did this adorable and ideal little helper come from? Although we know he hails from Russia, that’s pretty much all we know.

(Source: Facebook)

Some folks on social media have expressed concern for the spinal problems or backaches the Doxie mechanic might suffer from the weight of his tools, while others maintain the wrenches are too lightweight to be causing any real damage.

(Source: Facebook)

Until we receive a bit more info, it’s hard to be sure.

Regardless, dogs undisputedly love to have jobs. They just do! So the car shop weenie might just be a portrait of the ideal symbiotic relationship, especially since he is able to fit under most vehicles.”