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Serbian Dachshund Saves A Life!

And what happens next is UNBELIEVABLE…

In an heroic effort, Leo the dachshund lunged towards the ginormous bull-mastiff with one thing on his mind …to save a little girls life. Unfortunately for Leo he ended up giving the ultimate sacrifice …his life.

Read below now to find out the whole story.


By Jovana Gec The Associated Press

PANCEVO, Serbia – Normally, Leo would run away at the sight of a bigger dog. The small dachshund liked most to cuddle with his owners or ride in the back seat of the family car. But, one day Leo showed that true bravery knows no limits.

When a raging bull-mastiff cross-breed last year attacked a 10-year-old girl, Leo fearlessly jumped to her rescue, barking and biting at the dog way above his size and strength. Leo paid with his life, but the citizens of this northern Serbian town have not forgotten.

Two weeks ago, a life-size bronze statue of Leo was put up next to a children’s playground in Pancevo’s city park, honouring the dog and teaching kids about animal friendship and sacrifice. An alert-looking Leo, his head raised above his stretched paws, now rests proudly on a white base surrounded by flowers.


“I screamed and Leo rushed out barked and ran around, biting him on the leg,” Vucetic said, showing the scars from the attack. “When the dog let go of me, he looked around and then stormed at Leo.”

Leo didn’t stand a chance. Despite efforts by veterinarians, his injuries were too severe and Leo died two days later.

In the Pancevo park, children have been flocking around Leo’s monument, patting the dog’s head and his big ears. Some have taken pictures next to Leo, laid flowers or left dog treats by the statue.

The inscription on the monument reads: “To all the small heroes with big hearts.”

© The Canadian Press, 2015


Shout out to Global News for the heads up.