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Papa Dachshund Sees Pups For Very First Time!

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It’s not unusual to see moments of mother pooches taking care of their young right after birth.

In many cases, they also demonstrate how overprotective they can be of their pups. For example, it’s hard to forget the way a dachshund mama took in a baby pig when a family placed them together

But in the video below, the tables are reversed as we get to see a male dog share a memorable moment with his 6-week-old puppies during their first encounter.

“He is very gentle with them and instinctively knows how to behave,” owners John and Jolanta Jeanneney explain about Tommy on their YouTube page.

And that’s definitely clear when you see the wire-haired dachshund named Tommy wagging his tail uncontrollably as he gently takes turns sniffing each of his little ones to make sure that they are his!!

Just watch the lovely moment for yourself below and please SHARE if you enjoyed it just as much!