Never before would we think a bunch of wet wiener dogs could become a midsummer night’s dream.

That is, until we learned about the Doxie Pool Pawty.

For the second year, SysterLi, a dog clothing company, hosted this exclusive gathering in the Hollywood Hills. Set in a 1920s-era Hollywood mansion, this party features more than 50 Dachshunds and their owners and friends for an elite bohemian-themed gathering.

“It reminded me of the Great Gatsby,” one guest told SysterLi owner and party host Susanna Zachary. “Big mansion and mimosas and not a care in the world but racing wiener dogs.”

In between splishing and splashing to their tiny hearts’ delights, Doxies mingled while decked out in flower crowns and doggie robes made by Zachary. Meanwhile, guests enjoyed homemade BBQ and cocktails as well as the bohemian décor.

“Dachshund owners are an adorably strange breed themselves who cannot help but crack jokes about their little dogs who really do look like sausages,” Zachary told WOOFipedia.

“And the Dachshunds LOVE nothing more than attention, so taking your Doxie to an exclusive Hollywood Hills pool pawty event fits perfectly for a breed who loves to be pampered.”