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Dachshund Runs Far to Help for a Good Cause

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Running is very healthy and beneficial for the body but running for a good cause also helps uplift the soul. Dachshunds are small and have short legs but that did not prevent Truman, the doxie, to run a marathon to help a fellow dachshund in need. His act helped raise funds for medical care of a doxie named Sunshine.

“Just because a Doxie is small does not mean they can’t do epic shit.” ~ Catra Corbett

“You know am 100% behind that statement. I always tell people, the size of the dog doesn’t necessarily determine what it can and can’t do.

Dachshund Running

This is NOT the real TruMan. To see him in all of this glory, please click the link below.

Catra’s mini Dachshund, TruMan, runs with her all of the time. He recently ran a 26.2 mile marathonto help a Doxie named Sunshine that was abandoned in the cold and snow near a dumpster. His little feat of awesomeness raised over $800 toward Sunshine’s medical care.

Catra says, “TruMan has come a long way in two years since I… adopted him. He could not walk around the block because he was afraid of the world . Now he’s running wilderness trails with me. He was reborn through running.”

Catra herself is pretty amazing. She says on her blog that she has bee clean and sober for for 17 years. In this really great article, Reborn on the Run, Catra talks about how she used trail running to help her get over her drug addiction. Catra is only one of five people in the world to finish a hundred 100-mile runs (she’s done 116), and only the second woman to do so (Monica Scholz, a Canadian, is the other).

It’s true: being in the wilderness heals the soul – whether it be dog or human.

TruMan later went on to run a 50k (just over 31 miles)! Both Catra and I (not that I know her) think he is the first Dachshund to run that far.”

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