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(Breaking) Hillsborough Deputy Rescues Frail Dachshund From Palm River!

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Hero Deputy Saves Frail Dachshund

When Deputy Lugo saw Watson about to drown in the Palm River, he immediately went to work. Trying not to hurt the pup he did what he had to do to real Watson in to safety. Very good story!

Check it out below now!


Deputy Lugo and Watson

Deputy Lugo and Watson

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HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL (WFLA) – Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Lugo is one dachshund’s hero after rescuing the pup from the Palm River this week.

According to HCSO, Deputy Lugo saw the poor dog in the river with the water up to the dog’s jawline. He lassoed the dog first but then saw how old and frail the pup was. He came closer and grabbed it by its neck.

The dachshund was really scared so it bit Deputy Lugo’s hand at first. But when they got to the shore the pup became really friendly.

Deputy Lugo took his new friend to the Hillsborough County Animal Services. The staffers there figured out that the dog is a 12-year-old dachshund named Watson that was abandoned or lost. They are trying to find the pup’s home. In the meantime, Deputy Lugo visits Watson at the shelter to cheer him up.

“He looks like he is in much better shape than he was yesterday,” Deputy Lugo said.