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7 Fruits & Veggies That Dogs Absolutely Love!

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Numbers 3 and 7 were super surprising!

When it comes to your dogs health there is always something to learn. That’s why adding these 7 foods to your dogs diet will not only be satisfying but will also help their health. Take a gander to see what your dog is missing out on!

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7 Fruits & Vegetables That Dogs Absolutely Love!

#1 – Apples (minus the core)

AppleAn apple a day keeps the veterinarian away? This may be true, apples contain antioxidants that help boost immunity. Plus they’re sweet… dogs love the sweet. Just be sure to throw out the core since apple seeds can be harmful to dogs.

#2 – Spinach


Not only is spinach high in iron, but it is also contains calcium for bone health. Spinach also contains anti-inflammatory/anti-cancer properties by way of flavonoids and carotenoids.