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17 Dachshunds Who Are Living The Dream!

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Their lives look better than mine!Tthese Doxie’s who

These doxie’s are living the good life and don’t care that your life isn’t as good as theirs! And rightfully so! They don’t know any different, so why not flaunt it if you got it baby! Check out these cuties below now!
Check them out now!

17 Dachshunds who are living the dream!

We have put together a collection of some very lucky sausage dogs who are living the good life!

1. The beautiful @dottiedoxie who enjoys having the entire bed to herself.


2. @Scrappythedoxie who has a wardrobe full of clothes fit for a king.


3. When he’s not melting hearts, @Rocket_the_dachshund climbs picturesque mountains.


4. @frankiethelilsausage who is a dogwalk model and gets to strut her stuff in clothes that even humans wish they had.

Frankie Sunny

5. Oscar and Pepper from @oscarandfrank, who are just downright sausage dog celebrities and even have their own line of sunglasses!

Oscar option 2

6. There’s Tilda (aka Queen T) who has some change to spare @tilda_the_teckel.


7. The cutie @Noodlethedachshund who has a better view from her bedroom window than most of us.


8. @chutney_muttney who has her own fireplace to snuggle up next to at the end of the day.


9. Bella and Bailey, who have a toy collection that would be the envy of every dog in the world @bella_and_bailey_the_dachies.

Bella and Bailey

10. Milly spends her spare time at the beach, tanning @mini_milly_sausage.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 3.36.29 pm

11. Then there’s Ollie (@ifolliecouldtalk) who frequents brunch dates and enjoys being hand-fed off the fork.


12. Frank knows how to ride in style @Frankosaurusss.


13. Herbert and Homer are just two Aussie dudes living the dream, relaxing on the beach and sharing a couple of cold ones @herbertandhomer.

Herbert and Homer

14. @arnold.the.sausage who has fancier dinners than most adults (yes, that’s a sushi platter!).


15. Fella and Tidda from @doxiesdownunder who can synchronise and coordinate any outfit, always looking fabulous.


16. @Mini_louie_ who is one very admired sausage and is always receiving amazing bouquets of flowers!


17. @Frankie_dachshund who got to smooch the man, Peter Alexander himself!



Thanks to sausage dog central for the full article.