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14-year-old heartbroken senior dachshund dumped at Florida shelter

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And when you find out why you will totally freak out!

This is a heart breaking story of a 14 year old dachsie named Angel who no longer has a place to live. You are about to find out exactly how Angel’s new lonely, scared and confused world really is, and what you can do about it.

Read below to find out all of the details.

In Melbourne, Florida a family surrendered their 14-year-old dachshund to the South Care Animal Center because they were moving into an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. Her name is Angel, and her picture speaks for itself; heartbroken and confused as to why she is all alone, scared and abandoned to an animal shelter.

Who will save Angel?


Did Angel’s family really believe someone would rush right over to an animal shelter and line up to adopt a 14-year-old dog, or did Angel’s family think the South Care Animal Center was a retirement home for senior pooches?

A Facebook page for Angel can be found here.

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